Three Reasons to Hire a Qualified Disability Attorney In Your Area

In an ideal world, you would work until retirement age and collect Social Security benefits after you leave your last job. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and you can get injured or sick and lose your ability to work. That’s when it behooves you to find an experienced San Francisco disability attorney. Here’s why.

Credentials and Knowledge
Besides possessing a law degree, a qualified disability attorney in San Francisco, CA, has to complete training in Social Security law and become certified by the Social Security Administration. This enables him or her to know which conditions can qualify you for disability insurance and get you on the right track to receiving it.

Offers Outside Perspective
An experienced disability attorney in San Francisco, CA, can provide you with an outside perspective on your case. For example, he or she may realize that you haven’t seen a lung specialist, for example, if you’re claiming to have a debilitating lung disease. Documentation from this specialist can enhance your chances of winning your case.

Hearing Advocate
Your disability attorney in San Francisco, CA, will represent you at your hearing. During this time, he or she will cite specific documents that substantiate your claims of being disabled. Your attorney will also counter any statements the vocational expert makes about your ability to still perform certain jobs.

Hiring a San Francisco disability attorney will significantly improve your chances of getting disability benefits versus trying to win a disability case on your own. That’s because your disability attorney knows the disability process better than you.

Patrick J Kelly Law Office, which you can access at 415-456-3606, is a highly experienced law firm that’s been helping disabled people win Social Security and SSI disability benefits for more than 20 years.

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