Top Reasons to Hire a Reputable Social Security Disability Lawyer

In an ideal world, people work until a certain age; then, get Social Security benefits the rest of their lives. However, you could get injured or ill before retirement age and need disability benefits. If you find yourself in this type of situation, it’s always best to hire a Chattanooga Social Security disability lawyer. Here’s why.

No Money Upfront

With a reputable Social Security disability lawyer in Chattanooga, you won’t be required to pay any money upfront. This allows you to use the expertise of your lawyer and only pay if you win your case.

Recommends Various Documents

An experienced Social Security disability lawyer in Chattanooga will know which types of medical documents are most important for winning disability cases. For example, if you have congestive heart failure, you’ll likely need more medical documents from your cardiologist than your primary care physician.

Advocate at Hearing

A qualified Chattanooga Social Security lawyer will advise you on what to wear at your hearing and how to answer various questions from the judge. He or she will also allude to various medical documents during the hearing, convincing the judge that you have a genuine disability.

A top Social Security disability lawyer in Chattanooga will often service multiple cities. This enables you to hire a lawyer who’s most familiar with your type of disability.

McCarthy, Murphy & Preslar P.C., which you can reach at 423-805-7613, is a highly reputable law firm that’s devoted solely to helping disabled people get Social Security disability benefits.

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