Deciding Between Plastic and Metal Frames for Eyeglasses in New York City

When someone begins choosing Eyeglasses in New York City, the design of the frames is obviously one of the most important considerations. People like frames that enhance their faces and appeal to their senses of style. They must decide on the material, color scheme, and possibly a pattern. Another consideration is whether to choose full lens frames or half frames. Frameless versions are not as common at the moment, but can still be ordered.

An Overview of Plastic Frames

Most frames are made of plastic or metal. Plastic frames come in several versions, each with its advantages. Knowledgeable opticians can explain the difference if anyone is interested in the technicalities. One is the lightest, and another is the highest quality, for example. Plastic can hold thicker lenses and is a more suitable material for a bold look. These frames are available in a startling array of colors.

The most prevalent type of plastic for frames is acetate, a word that shoppers for eyewear will see quite often. It’s lightweight, durable, and can be made with a variety of solid and translucent colors.

Things to Know About Metal Frames

Metal frames for Eyeglasses in New York City tend to have a more subtle look. These are the ones that might be only a half frame at the top and sides, leaving the bottom part clear. Most metal frames contain nickel, which some people are allergic to, but the frames are coated thoroughly so that this shouldn’t be a problem. Some have colorful plastic covering the metal on the sides, offering an intriguing style choice. Opticians are ready to discuss the various kinds of metal options.

Titanium and titanium alloys also are popular choices at a boutique store such as Charlotte Jones Opticians. Titanium is very light and durable, and it’s hypoallergenic. Stainless steel is a more affordable option with similar qualities.

The half-frame styles have lenses adhered to the top rim and held at the bottom by a nearly invisible fiber. People must be more careful with these frames since they don’t have as much durable material holding the lenses in place.

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