Remove Unsightly Spider Veins with Comfortable Laser Treatment

Many people develop noticeable veins on their legs especially around the ankles. These spider veins are caused by a problem with valves in the veins that allow blood to pool in the vessels and that causes them to darken and stand out. These defective veins might cause bulging and pain in some individuals. Fortunately, individuals can remove their unsightly spider veins with a comfortable laser treatment that requires little down time and no general anesthesia. This effective vein treatment at a Chicago located cosmetic surgical center is giving many people more youthful looking legs again. This safe procedure doesn’t take much time, and the results are immediately visible with more results seen as the treated vein gets absorbed naturally.

While both men and women can get these unwanted veins, guys tend to be less inclined to be bothered as they typically have hair on their legs that hide them. Women are more apt to be embarrassed enough to seek treatment. This type of laser treatment can be used on other body areas too. This works great for the telltale red cheek splotches that people with rosacea display. This is an excellent treatment that doesn’t require lengthy recovery periods or cumbersome dressing changes.

Beneficial Vein Treatment by a Chicago plastic surgeon enables patients to have younger looking lower legs again, and the procedure can also cure the discomfort of these bulging veins. In years past, patients had to undergo long painful surgeries that required anesthesia and lengthy recovery times. Interested parties can look at the amazing gallery photos of before and after treatment patient photos to discover how fantastic the results truly are. This procedure is one of many phenomenal procedures offered through The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery site on the center’s easy-to-navigate website at Dial 312-202-9000 today. Follow us on google+.

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