Durable and Effective Outdoor Mesh Signage

Mesh printed banners are a special design with holes to let wind through and reduce wind resistance. This type of printed outdoor signage and advertising, printed on a single side, is most often made with abrasion-resistant or UV-resistant ink.

What Is the Purpose of Mesh Holes?

Holes in mesh banners are a protective measure that lets wind flow through without tearing the material, even in high-wind conditions. Mesh material can allow for as much as 25-percent airflow.

The mesh holes have a slit shape that preserves image quality and is serviceable even for close proximity or small text viewing. In effect, the shape and hole percentage permit airflow but still retain enough surface area to make impressive visual presentations.

Additional advantages include:

  • Durability – The permeable design will help preserve the banner and keep it useful for years.
  • Low Weight – Holes in the mesh keep the banner’s weight low and manageable.
  • Lower Costs – The reduced material and lower weight also serve to reduce banner costs.
  • Damage Resistant – The mesh material will also help mitigate tearing and even wrinkling.

Applications for Mesh Signage

Mesh banners make a durable and weather-resistant outdoor product for a range of applications, including:

  • Concert Backdrops
  • Building Wraps
  • Event and Advertising Banners
  • Backlit Presentations
  • Billboards
  • Trucksides
  • Display Systems

Helping Business Stand Out

Blue Sky Digital Printing is a dedicated provider of a wide selection of vinyl-printed solutions with multiple size and design options for building wraps to banners to billboards.

To learn more about mesh banners and their advantages as effective outdoor presentations, contact the experts at (405) 701-8801 or online today.

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