How to Look Your Best When You Visit a Charleston Portrait Photographer

Whether you’re celebrating a special event or you simply need a headshot for your business website, you’ll want to look your best for your session with a Charleston portrait photographer. It’s too common for people to try to look trendy and relevant only to end up with pictures that make them feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. Instead, follow these tips to get better results from your photography session.

Know When to Get Your Hair Done
Scheduling an appointment with your hair stylist the day before your photography session can lead to disaster. It often takes a new hairstyle a few days to settle into its permanent look. Additionally, it takes several days for the average person to get used to the new look. You should schedule your hair appointment at least three to four days in advance.

Choose Your Outfit in Advance
It’s a bad idea to buy a new outfit for your photography session since it may not fit as well on the day of your session. Instead, choose an outfit you already own, and one which you know fits you well. Additionally, set aside undergarments that also provide a comfortable fit. Clothes that fit you well will inspire more self-confidence, and that will show through in your photographs.

Practice Your Poses and Posture
For staged photos, your Charleston portrait photographer may suggest poses for various shots. However, you’ll feel better if you practice common poses ahead of time. Try different poses as you stand in a full-length mirror to see which ones you like the best.

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