Efficient Data Center Management Software

Data centers started to spread all across the globe hosting hundreds of millions of websites. All this knowledge needs reliable infrastructures and advanced data center management software.

The most difficult part about data centers is management, maintenance and monitoring. Living in an age where cloud computing has taken over all previous technologies, failover setups and real time monitoring is the only way to ensure that the health of the servers is not overlooked.

Some of the most common issues associated with data centers is hardware failures. In a cloud computing environment, such events are difficult to notice without proper software. At best, the administrator will notice that a port in the switch is down. All the servers in the data center will continue to work normally. They will only pick-up the load from the machine that broke down. With so few symptoms, sometimes it becomes almost impossible to notice hardware or software failures.

Reliable management software can offer a full overview on one screen of the entire infrastructure. Active monitoring of temperatures, power consumption, server load and network health can be visualized in one screen. All this data is compiled and offered in a centralized and organized manner.

Such functionality makes this type of software almost essential. Almost all data centers use such management tools. Taking things to the next level, the most advanced management and monitoring tools offer additional features and functionalities. It is possible to have the system send an email to the administrators when a problem occurs. The ones that really want to use the full potential of the software it is possible to setup a system that also sends text messages to cell phones to announce that a piece of hardware might be defective. These features make it possible to have on call support for the servers instead of 24/7 online teams that handle the maintenance part.

Looking at these data center management solutions, cost reduction clearly comes to mind. The ability to use less staff to handle the maintenance part money can be saved. This software will take care of monitoring, error reporting and automatic communication of the problem to the concerned team.

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