Floor Cleaning Tips From A Commercial Flooring Service In Longmont CO

Clean commercial floors make a positive impression on customers and clients, and they contribute to a pleasant working environment for employees. However, it can be hard for a business to keep its floor clean when the floor gets constant traffic throughout the day. The following are a few tips from a Commercial Flooring Service in Longmont CO for cleaning and maintaining commercial floors.

Sweep And Vacuum

Before doing any deep cleaning, it’s important to remove the surface level of debris from the floor. Little particles of dirt and dust are like sandpaper on any hard flooring, gradually wearing away the finish and making the floor look dirty and worn even when it’s clean. Sweeping and vacuuming daily is an important part of commercial floor maintenance.

Use A Neutral Cleaner

For almost every type of flooring, the best cleaning product is one with a neutral pH balance of 7. Even though a more acidic or more alkaline product may work harder to dissolve stains, those products are also more likely to damage the surface of the flooring. A non-neutral cleaner like bleach, ammonia, or vinegar, can actually dissolve or discolor the surface of the flooring.

Clean With A Damp Mop

To clean a tile, vinyl, or concrete commercial floor, use a damp mop to cover the floor with the cleaning solution. When the whole floor has been covered, go back over the surface with a water-dampened mop to remove the cleaning product. Leaving a layer of chemical residue can result in discolored spots or damage from excessive exposure to the cleaning agent.

Dry Thoroughly

Even though water is an essential part of the cleaning process, it can damage flooring if it is absorbed, especially if the flooring is made of concrete or wood. The top Commercial Flooring Service in Longmont CO recommends using an air mover, a special type of fan that blows air low to the ground at a high velocity, forcing water to evaporate more quickly.

By cleaning floors regularly and frequently, business owners can keep their floors looking clean, polished, and inviting. Floors that are heavily stained, however, may require a professional cleaning service. To learn more floor care tips, visit Aestheticflooring.com. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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