Components and Advantages of Composite Wood Fencing in Rosemead CA

Composite Wood Fencing in Rosemead CA is an option for people concerned about the negative effects of intensive logging in this country and worldwide. This choice provides the look of wood by combining waste material from various types of wood and other fibrous plants, and sometimes with plastic. Different types of composites are crafted for a range of uses. Higher-quality composite is used for fencing since the structures must have a certain level of resistance to weather elements.

Environmental Considerations

Property owners who are especially concerned about the environment typically want their Composite Wood Fencing in Rosemead CA to be entirely plant-based, since plastic requires some amount of petroleum for manufacture. With that being a nonrenewable resource, these men and women prefer the natural materials instead.

Components of Plant-Based Composite

Composite wood prevents the need for older-growth logging that so many people oppose. Because this type of material does not consist of solid lumber, it can include wood with noticeable defects and mixes of wood waste. It can include material from small trees that normally wouldn’t be used for lumber in fence construction. Sometimes vegetable fiber and straw are in the mix.

Additional Possible Components

Property owners who are willing to accept the trade-off of having a petroleum-based product included in the fencing gain advantages of increased durability and resistance to weather. The percentages of the components vary by manufacturer. An example might have 60 percent plant material and 35 percent plastic, with a small percentage each of minerals, lubricant and color.

In regard to mineral content, magnesium silicate may be added to the composite for improved structural integrity. Zinc borate might be included as an inhibitor of mold and fungal growth.

Enhancing Aesthetics and Function

Residential fences enhance the look of the property while often providing specific functions. The homeowners may want more privacy in the backyard, for example, or they may want to contain their dogs in a secure area. Fences also stop people from crossing the yard as a shortcut. Anyone who is interested in composite wood fencing may contact a contractor such as Mission Fence, starting with the website You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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