When You Need Dental Fillings, There Are Options

When it comes to dental fillings, there is nothing but good news. Firstly, based on studies conducted by the American Dental Association, the number of cavities and subsequent treatment has dropped because of increased awareness of the need for good dental hygiene. Secondly, there are options for dental fillings in West Loop that were not available in the not-too-distant past. However, after saying all that, cavities still happen, and dental fillings are still required.

There are different types of fillings, as well as different types of material. The most common dental filling is one that is placed directly into a prepared site. Others are indirect, meaning an impression of the tooth is made, and a custom filling is made outside the mouth.

There are several choices of material used for fillings.


Amalgam has been used to repair fillings for many years. Amalgam is made from a mixture of various metals including mercury, tin, copper, silver, and zinc. Amalgam dental fillings are the least expensive, they are strong, and they are long lasting.

Although they have excellent properties, they are not without drawback. As they are silver in color, they are obvious, and they tend to darken as they age. Although the USFDA has determined that the level of mercury in the compound is safe, many people prefer to avoid the material, knowing there are options.


A composite tooth filling is made of resin and powdered glass. These dental fillings in West Loop can be matched specifically to compliment the color of the surrounding teeth, making the filling far less obvious. Composite fillings are gaining in popularity, especially when the tooth to be filled is visible.

Composite fillings also have their drawbacks. They are less durable than amalgam, and they do not last as long. Composite materials are ideal for use on teeth that get little pressure when chewing.

No one dental filling is better than the other is. The choice of material is based on the circumstances and the location of the filling.

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