Stomach Cancer from Working, Why You Need a Lawyer

Some cancer forms just happen, and scientists still aren’t completely sure why some people get it, and others don’t. However, stomach cancer can be caused by the environment in which you live or work. If you work around certain chemicals and in some situations, you might develop cancer as a result. Along with such, most cancers start deep in the stomach and don’t give any symptoms until they’re advanced. If you think the cancer was caused by the conditions of where you work/worked, it’s best to contact a lawyer to find out about your next steps.

Ask Questions

An attorney is going to ask you questions about your cancer, your working conditions, and much more. Their goal is to find out as much as they can about your situation so that they can determine if you have a case.


If you have cancer, you’re likely to go to doctors and specialists frequently. Even if you have insurance, you may still be required to pay out of pocket for some or all of your visits, medications, and treatments. If you have a case against an employer, your attorney can gather the evidence showing all that you’ve paid, which can help during the restitution phase of the hearing.

Along with such, they know which documents to gather and how to get them from unwilling or wary doctors and hospitals. They may also have to ask expert witnesses to make a statement or stand trial, which ensures that you have an expert on your side saying that your cancer was a direct result of your working conditions.

Stomach cancer affects millions of people and could have been caused by your working conditions. Visit Hughes Law Offices at to get a free evaluation from a lawyer.

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