Floor Refinishing in New York City Can Make an Old Wood Floor Look New Again

Though it is common for homebuyers to rip old wood flooring out and replace it with new wood floorings, Existing wood floors can be refinished for less money. Before tearing out existing wood flooring, contact a company such as New York Wood Flooring that specializes in both Floor Refinishing in New York City and new wood, marble, and tile installation. Old wood flooring is often thicker and able to be refinished and stained a custom color.

Can This Floor Be Saved?

When a person purchases a new house or condo with wood flooring, they should have it inspected before tearing it out. Contact a company that both sells new wood and tile flooring and offers Floor Refinishing in New York City. The company specialist will inspect the wood floor and decide whether it is a good candidate for refinishing or must be replaced.

A wood floor can be refinished if it is thick enough to be sanded and in overall good condition. The floor should not have large areas of pet urine stains. And, the floor should not have large areas of cupping due to water damage. Deep gouges and scratches should be limited. Are there areas out of view, such as closets, that can furnish matching wood for repairs?

The homeowner should have realistic expectations on what the refinished floor will look like. The refinished floor may still show some of its history and imperfections.

The Floor Refinishing Process.

The rooms with wood floors to be refinished must be completely empty. The best time to refinish or have new wood floors installed is before the family moves into the abode. Next, the floor is cleaned, and all nails, screws, or staples that are above surface level are removed or reset. Damaged boards are cut out and replaced, any glue, tar, or other substances are removed.

When the wood floor is prepped, the refinishing can begin. First, the floor is sanded or screened. Different grades of sandpaper are used in a commercial sander to remove the old finish and imperfections, leaving a smooth and close to blemish-free surface.

Next, the floor is wiped clean of all dust and debris and stained the chosen color. The stain is allowed to dry. Finally, several layers of clear finish are applied and buffed. The floor is allowed the completely dry and then is ready for use. Contact the company for more information.

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