Tips and Tricks of the Trade: How To Prevent Cockroaches

Blessed with a beautiful climate and pristine landscape, the same perfection that draws people to Albion Park Rail also attracts another guest: pests. Particularly prevalent in this warm weather wonderland, cockroaches are an all too common resident in our Shellharbour suburb.

While any home or business can suffer an infestation of these six-legged fiends, there are certain tips and tricks to at least keep them at bay. Among others, consider the following suggestions to deter these ancient arthropods from taking up shelter under your roof:

Clear Clutter and Crumbs

Like most insects and bugs, cockroaches are inevitably lured to food, and will stop at nothing until they find a place to feed and breed. To prevent the spread of scraps and crumbs, clear away food after every snack and meal, and run the dishwasher as soon as it is full. Remove rubbish regularly, keeping it tightly secured until it’s time to take it curbside.

Practice Proper Hygiene

Not only will a clean kitchen do wonders, but so too will proper hygiene serve to protect your home from an infestation of cockroaches. Keep surfaces relatively clear, and wipe down high-use objects or rooms to ensure that walls and floors don’t become veritable nesting grounds for creepy crawlies. Pay particular attention to the pantry, and don’t forget to do an occasional sweep of the attic and garage!

For all your best efforts, cockroaches are nearly impossible to exterminate and are unlikely to leave your home once they’ve moved in. If you find that your methods have not kept them at bay, you’ll want to contact a professional pest control team without delay to ensure that you stop the infestation in its tracks.

A veritable paradise, there is no reason to suffer an invasion of cockroaches in Albion Park Rail. For residential and commercial pest control treatment that you can trust, the seasoned pros at Flick Pest Control South Coast are here to save the day. From pre-construction treatment to post-treatment prevention, contact us today to learn more about our extensive line of pest control solutions.

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