Foundation Crack Repair In Boston MA Will Improve The Value And Safety Of A Home

Foundation repair is necessary when the basement is showing signs of water damage like a cracked foundation or water seeping through existing cracks in the floor. Poor drainage around a home can cause a safety issue when the foundation begins to shift, and the water begins to leak in. Foundation crack repair in Boston MA can improve the value and safety of a home for years to come.

A small crack can turn into an expensive problem and limit a homeowner’s ability to sell a home with a faulty basement. Mold can develop in a home due to a leaking basement and cause illness in the occupants, including asthma.

Repairing The Cracks

A homeowner should never use epoxy or caulking to seal a crack. These items will only fail over time and the water will continue to cause damage in the basement. These items are not flexible to the freeze and thaw cycle.

A foundation repair company should use resin in the cracks because it adheres to the block and is flexible. The resins will withstand movement and eliminate additional cracking to a foundation like epoxy or caulk will.

What Causes Cracks?

The reason a basement wall cracks is because of hydrostatic pressure against the wall. This can be caused by poor drainage of the French drains, gutter problems, improper grading and much more. Whatever the problem may be, the water pressure against the walls must be fixed before foundation crack repair in Boston MA can be performed.

How Is The Water Fixed?

The best way to correct a water problem does not involve excavating the yard or driveway. A water problem can be corrected in the basement by the installation of new internal French drains that travel to a sump pump pit. The sump pump will then push the water out of the home and eliminate the walls from cracking.

If your basement is showing signs of cracks or bowing, don’t wait to have it repaired. The longer a homeowner waits thinking it will resolve itself will only cause additional damage to the foundation and the home. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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