Get the Administrative Help You Need

When a person calls your company, do they have to navigate through a long and annoying phone tree? These systems turn people off and frustrate them. A person who is annoyed after dealing with a long phone tree might not be your customer for long if there is an alternative to your business. Instead of frustrating your customers with phone trees and interminable hold times, consider a live receptionist Charleston.

Having a live person answer the phone is a welcoming reprieve to your customers. They will not have to listen carefully and press the right button or speak slowly and say the same thing over and over in order to get a voice-activated phone tree to direct their call to the correct department. A live receptionist offers a warm greeting, asks the caller what they need and directs the call to the appropriate department or person.

Virtual receptionists are also an ideal solution if your company handles a lot of customer service or phone orders. Many companies have certain times of the year during which they are busy. If you do not have enough regular staffing to handle your rush season, a virtual receptionist is a wise choice to fill in. Virtual receptionists can also take over if your employees are out sick or are taking part in an in-person training exercise.

Whether you need a temporary live receptionist until you are able to fill a vacancy at your company or you need additional hands on deck during your busy season of the year, a live receptionist through a virtual staffing service is a wise choice. When you need a live receptionist Charleston, contact us at Call Experts any time. You may also visit us online at in order to learn more about the services we have to offer.

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