Grey or Cracked Asphalt? Hire a Driveway Repair Company in Burnsville, MN

An attractive and well-maintained driveway is part of every home’s curb appeal. It’s also a safe place for people to access the home. When contractors install a driveway, it’s really like paving a small road that leads to the house. They have to grade the area and make sure that there is a layer of gravel for proper drainage. Then they pour the proper amount of asphalt to create a place for people to pull into a garage or park their cars. It has to be maintained properly each season. The proper Driveway Repair in Burnsville, MN will keep it functioning and looking sharp for many years.

The homeowner has to be aware if the asphalt begins turning grey or developing a powder coating. This is a warning that the sun is drying out the asphalt and that it’s oxidizing or rusting. If the homeowner doesn’t call in an Asphalt Driveway Company to place a sealant over it, it will become too brittle to repair. Eventually large chunks will separate and the driveway will develop potholes. The sealant will restore both the texture and appearance of the driveway.

Small cracks can appear in the asphalt as well. A paving contractor Burnsville, MN will spray a hot rubberized substance into the crack. As it dries it expands and fills the crack perfectly. This prevents water from seeping into the lower layers of the driveway. Water expands and contracts according to the temperature. This constant movement can break the layers of asphalt underneath the surface. This can also cause potholes, if not treated rapidly.

As the children in a family grow up and get their own cars, the garage and parking area may no longer be large enough. The paving company can be called in to expand the paved area. It can be used to park or to allow people to turn their cars around to safely pull out into traffic. It’s important for a homeowner to work with a reputable driveway repair company that will give an estimate and do the work on time and within budget. Asphalt is only able to be poured within a certain temperature requirement, so it’s not possible to have a driveway made or even repaired in the middle of winter. However estimates for work can be made throughout the year.

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