What Are the Uses for Fume Hoods in a Laboratory?

If you’ve spent any time in a laboratory environment, you may have noted the presence of laboratory fume hoods. If you aren’t familiar with the uses of fume hoods, we’re here to share that information with you. In the simplest of terms, these hoods provide a way for workers to do hazardous work while in a space that is partially enclosed.

Major Uses of Laboratory Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are used to protect workers in a laboratory from the effects of toxic fumes. They do this by removing vapors near a workbench or other work area. The hoods also provide proper ventilation for the entire laboratory through circulating air, specifically by removing contaminated air. Also, laboratory fume hoods help protect researchers from the effects of fires, chemical spills, and adverse chemical reactions.

Importance of Fume Hoods

The fume hood in a laboratory can be argued to be the most crucial piece of equipment present in the environment. The reason for that is because it acts as the first defense against various dangers, including the following:

  • Chemical absorption
  • Explosions or fires
  • Thermal or chemical burns
  • Inhalation of dangerous vapors

The most dangerous problem may be the potential for inhaling toxic fumes. If a worker inhales these fumes, the toxins will reach the lungs but may also enter the bloodstream and cause adverse reactions.

Types of Fume Hoods

There are many different types and sizes of fume hoods. Some of the most common include portable fume hoods, bench-top fume hoods, workstation fume hoods, walk-in fume hoods, and double-faced fume hoods. There are also special fume hoods that are designed for perchloric acid or radiological work.

How Fume Hoods Operate

The fume hood in a laboratory pulls in the polluted air so that it is away from the lab worker. It then ventilates the area up through exhaust and out of the room where it is diluted with fresh air. This requires a large amount of air to properly operate. As such, too many hoods can cause issues unless there are air source pumps to add additional ventilation.

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