Hiring A Watchful Eye For Your Valuables

Using a 24 hour security service in Oahu HI is a shrewd decision when it comes to protecting your valuable assets and property. Utilizing professional security guards helps deter criminals who would do harm to your property and allows trained personnel to monitor and respond to criminal activity on the premises. They do this a number of ways.

The first line of deterrence is by the mere presence of the security guards. Their physical and visual presence is the first line of defense. When would-be vandals see the guards’ ubiquity, they are less likely to engage in illegal activity. If this is not enough, it is the responsibility of the protection officer to watch their assigned location very carefully to prevent any irregular activity from occurring. A security officer’s first responsibility is to observe and deter before anything gets out of hand. Protection officers who work for a 24 hour security service in Oahu HI are trained to observe small details that could add up to a conceivably dangerous situation and nip it in the bud before it occurs. As such, they have specialized authority to act in the absence of law enforcement officers. They can act as law enforcement agents if they have given authorization from a police officer or sheriff and they are empowered to make citizen’s arrests for unruly individuals who are uncooperative. There are occasions when imprudent individuals’ behavior is escalated and non-responsive to instructions made by the security officers. In these situations, the guards employed by a 24 hour security service in Oahu HI are completely justified in using restraints. Sometimes getting someone into restraints proves more difficult than anticipated and a security guard must use force. Many officers are trained to use pepper spray or tasers and may use them should the situation warrant it.

Prevention isn’t always possible and there is always room for human error, so if that doesn’t work, a protection officer is responsible for dealing with aftermath of a problematic situation until law enforcement officers are on the scene.

When incidents occur, big or small, the 24 hour security service in Oahu HI is required to write them up into formal reports. The security officer must be educated to not only make detailed observations, but also write accurately enumerated reports. Reports can be used for legal and liability purposes, so these are not to be taken lightly. They can be used in a court of law, so it is imperative they are honest and accurate. Professional security guards have been trained to do this to the benefit of their clients.

24 Hour Security Service Oahu HI – Look for a 24 hour security service in Oahu HI for around-the-clock security. The hired professionals who offer 24 hour security service in Oahu HI can protect your move valued property and assets any time of the day or night.

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