In Case You Need a Cemetery Negligence Attorney in Weston, FL

Personal injury lawsuits are filed for many reasons by claimants, and some of the reasons may be peculiar or out of the ordinary. For example, a person may sue a funeral home for failure to properly bury a loved one, or a cemetery director for tampering with a loved one’s remains without proper permission. A Cemetery Negligence Attorney in Weston FL handles such cases for clients whose right have somehow been violated. Here are some things potential clients should keep in mind about these types of cases.

What to Know about Cemetery Negligence Lawsuits

Many cases have popped up where a lot of unscrupulous activities are taking place in cemeteries, most of which will horrify the average person. Sometimes, graves are robbed and jewelry is removed from the dead bodies of loved ones. Other times, there are cases of body parts being stolen and sold on the black market to high-paying customers. There are also cases of multiple bodies being stored in one coffin, and grave-sites being desecrated or vandalized. Any or all of these are grounds for a negligence lawsuit.

Pursuing a Negligence Lawsuit

Most personal injury lawsuits, including negligence lawsuits have a statute of limitations of four years in Florida, so the claimant must file in a civil court within that time frame. If the claimant tries to file the negligence lawsuit after that time, it is unlikely that any attention will be paid to the lawsuit. The claimant should consult with an attorney experienced in negligence lawsuits right away to get started on the case. The attorney can also help the claimant with pursuing punitive damages, which will be three times the amount of any compensatory damages received.

An Attorney for a Cemetery Negligence Lawsuit

In the event that a client needs to find a law firm for a cemetery negligence lawsuit, many personal injury attorneys will take the case. The Blaut Weiss Law Group is a law firm that handles personal injury lawsuits and negligence lawsuits for clients. If a person is looking for a cemetery negligence attorney in Weston FL, the law group is available. More information can be found on the website.

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