Include a Foot massage in Honolulu to Treat the Feet

Proper care of the feet is a fundamental way to take care of overall health and wellness. Feet take a beating all day every day. They absorb shock, support the entire weight of the body, and provide balance.

Once the feet get tired, the whole body aches. Knees will shake, the hips will ache, and the back will get stiff. This leads to tension between the shoulders, and tightness in the neck, culminating in a pounding headache.

Problems with the Feet

The human foot is vulnerable to a number of ailments and problems. One is poor circulation. These limbs are farthest from the heart so getting blood flow is a challenge to the body. Gravity assists with getting blood to the feet but is a barrier to keeping that blood moving. Poor circulation in the body and diabetes exacerbate this problem.

Exercise, a healthy weight, controlling blood sugar levels, and getting a Foot massage in Honolulu HI will combat the effects of poor circulation. Extra care when cutting toenails is also imperative to prevent infection.


Feet are usually encased by socks and shoes. The skin cannot breathe, and moisture builds up. This is the perfect scenario for athletes’ foot and other bacteria to grow. Feet become itchy and have a foul odor.

Over the counter creams are helpful in most cases. Soaking feet regularly helps and feels soothing. Itching is also caused by dry skin. Lotions are typically effective at relieving that problem.


Feet will burn when tired or exposed to constant pressure. People who are on their feet for work all day experience this often. It is most distracting. Take full advantage of any opportunity to sit and give them a rest during a shift. If possible, put feet up on a chair during a lunch break.

Supportive Shoes

Shoes with proper support for the arch, ball, heel, and sides will make a significant difference in how feet feel at the end of the day. Heels and pointy toes may be in style, but they do not support the feet. If arches are high, place inserts into the shoes for additional support.

If heels are proper work attire, schedule a Foot massage in Honolulu HI frequently to relieve some of the constant stress and uneven pressure. Those wishing to schedule a massage can Visit the Website for details, pricing, and availability. Find us on Facebook!

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