Keep Your Dog Clean and Healthy With Professional Pet Grooming In Crofton

Does your large dog give you problems and become hard to handle when you try to give him a bath? Are you afraid of harming your pet when you trim his nails? Does your dog have long fur that is matted and is tangled easily? Are your pet’s teeth yellow and dingy? Professional dog grooming in Crofton can bathe your dog; brush his teeth and much more.

There are many reasons to keep your dog groomed and healthy.

Save your furniture from hair and dander. With the proper tools, groomers will remove the undercoat, loose hair and cleanse the skin to decrease hair loss and dander.

Make your pet more comfortable and healthy. Matted hair can be uncomfortable for your dog pulling on his skin. Many owners are apprehensive about cutting the nails and afraid of hurting their pet. Dog groomers can remove matted hair, clean out ears and trim long nails.

Groomers can help protect your family by identifying and removing parasitic infestations like fleas, ticks and tapeworm that can transmit diseases to humans. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease as well as Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Tapeworms are transmitted to your dog by egg-carrying fleas.

Groomers can detect early signs of illness in your pet such as ear infection, tooth decay or skin cancer. Ears can harbor bacteria and yeast if not kept clean. When treated early enough the outcome can be more successful.

Pet Grooming in Crofton consists of a full line of pet pampering and cleansing.

Your pet will be bathed with the feeling of a luxury spa.

Teeth brushing and oral health are important in pets as well as humans. Gum disease is a common problem in dogs.

Brushing and dematting of hair.

Anal glands also known as scent glands may fail to empty causing problems or infection. Gland expression will release the contents to maintain the dog’s hygiene and to eliminate discomfort.

Aromatherapy and deep relaxation massage.

Ear cleaning to check and treat for mites.

And much more

To find Pet Grooming in Crofton area, look in your local telephone directory in the business pages. Friends and family are great ways to get referrals and recommendations when looking for a certified pet groomer. There is also an Internet review site that you can search to find pet grooming professionals in your area.

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