What a Real Estate Attorney Can Do for You

Are you curious about what real estate lawyers do? Maybe you are wondering whether you need a real estate attorney in the 60521-zip code. Real estate lawyers actually do a large number of things ranging from reviewing real estate transactions to documenting inspections, leases, purchases, and appraisals. They can also help resolve environmental and title insurance problems. Real estate lawyers are the people who can help with things go wrong with a property transaction.

Drawing Up Needed Documents

One of the most important things that a real estate attorney in the 60521-zip code does is draft documents. This includes deeds for conveyance transactions, purchase contracts, rental agreements, leases, and financing agreements. In some cases, a real estate agent can fill out these papers for a client, but the actual drafting and revision of the documents is something left to a real estate attorney.

Negotiating Real Estate Deals

Any professional real estate lawyer is going to have experience with various real estate transactions. Because of that, clients often reach out to these professionals to negotiate the conditions and terms of the deals. That means the lawyer can work with other attorneys as well as brokers, developers, and investors. This can take a lot of the pressure off of yourself if you aren’t confident with these tasks.

Reviewing Sales Transactions

While some attorneys of real estate work in litigation and other things, some only help review and advise clients on transactions. That means you can negotiate a deal and sign a contract, but the real estate attorney will examine all of the documentation provided for you. A real estate attorney has specialized training that allows them to find problems that may not be obvious to the layperson. This duty of the attorney can help you prevent falling into legal traps.

Helping With Foreclosure Proceedings

Many of the real estate attorneys available specialize in trust deed and mortgage foreclosure. Some of them represent borrowers while others represent lenders, instead. The attorney who represents a borrower will provide help by challenging any mistakes made by the lender while the one representing the lender can help guide the lender through the process of foreclosure.

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