Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney in Martinsburg, WV

Contemplating divorce is not an easy feeling or experience. No matter how long the couple has been married, there are always strings attached. Sometimes there are kids involved and emotions are running high. Sometimes one person or the other may have fallen into a bad situation or is having an extramarital affair. Regardless of the situation, a divorce is the last resort. A divorce attorney in Martinsburg, WV can help to answer any questions one may have about how to proceed in filing for divorce. What questions should a person be prepared to ask?

How much will the divorce cost?

The divorce cost is determined by the attorney handling the case. This is normally the attorney’s fee as well as what it costs to file the case in court. The attorney typically decides what to charge after they know what will be involved in the case.

How long will the divorce take?

A completed divorce can depend on the state laws. In some states, the divorce takes 6-12 months. If the divorce is contested or uncontested can also be a determining factor in how long the divorce will take.

Will the kids be able to live with their mom or dad?

Custody of the children is determined by the judge. Sometimes, parents may agree on this before the divorce is filed in court. Whoever has custody of the children will have this documented in the divorce decree.

Will child support be awarded?

Child support is typically awarded to the parent with custody. This is determined by the income of both parents along with the lifestyle the child is used to having.

What happens to the mutual assets?

Mutual assets are either agreed upon by both individuals or they are divided between the two. Most likely, anything a person came into the marriage with, they are able to get in the separation.

The divorce hearing is where the majority of the answers will come from but the attorney can help with persuading the judge. They can do this by any evidence they have collected against the spouse. A divorce attorney in Martinsburg, WV will work hard to get you what you are asking for in the hearing. For more information, visit

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