What is the Difference Between Dentists and Endodontists in Lusby, MD?

Endodontists are dental specialists that have received advanced education in diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the interior of the tooth, known as its pulp. While all endodontists are dentists, very few dentists specialize in endodontics. Read on to find out more about Endodontists in Lusby MD and the valuable treatment they provide to their patients.

Specialized Education and Expertise

Endodontists receive two to three extra years of education via specialty programs after completing their normal four years of dental school. These programs focus on diseases affecting dental pulp, their diagnosis, and their treatment. By practicing endodontics exclusively as opposed to general dentistry, these specialists are able to dedicate their time to treating tooth pain and are often able to determine its cause even when it is exceptionally difficult to diagnose.

Experts in Pain Management

Endodontists can administer numbing medications and use specialized techniques to ensure that their patients do not experience any pain during their treatments. They can also help to relieve tooth pain after the treatment has been completed while the underlying infection or inflammation heals.

Use of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Endodontists in Lusby MD have access to cutting-edge equipment that is designed specifically to make their patients’ treatment more comfortable and more successful. This equipment often includes dental dams, digital radiographs, 3-D imaging, and dental operating microscopes. These types of diagnostic imaging equipment are absolutely essential for viewing tiny tooth anatomy, as the space inside of a patient’s root canals is often extremely small.

Performing Root Canals

While most general dentists only perform one or two root canals a week, endodontists often perform as many as 25. This dedicated experience makes them more qualified to effectively and efficiently treat diseased dental pulp, offering their patients a better prognosis than those who choose to visit general dentists for root canal treatments.

Learn More Today

Any patient who is concerned about tooth pain and believes that he or she might require a root canal should absolutely consider visiting a dental office that employs specializing dentists. Visit docsachs.com to learn about one dental office that offers comprehensive and specialized dental treatments to their patients, then make an appointment to get started with an initial consultation today.

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