Reasons to Choose One Block Window Installation Company in Fallston, MD

Those thinking about new windows should seriously consider installing quality glass block windows for a delightful change of pace. These windows offer many terrific benefits. To learn about all of the compelling reasons to choose one local block window installation company in Fallston, MD, take time to research this company’s history and customer service record.

What Are Glass Block Windows Anyway?

Glass block windows are beautiful giving a vintage vibe that is still timeless. There are so many great benefits of glass block windows instead. These lovely glass windows have a block-like pattern that uses thicker glass that results in better privacy without blocking a clear view through the window from inside the home or other building.

Enjoy No Maintenance Windows that Last Decades

Most windows today require a lot of maintenance and upkeep through the years. If your preference is building a maintenance free environment, then glass block windows may be just what is needed. Unlike traditional window panes, these glass blocks are installed directly into the frame of the structure giving the windows a sturdy fit and tighter seal. The panes are sealed with regular mortar used in masonry.

Get Better Energy Efficiency As an Added Bonus

Due to the glass block window’s tight seal design, your new windows will not have drafts, develop condensation or otherwise lose hot or cold air through the glass. This increases energy efficiency. Choose a respected block window installation company for Fallston, MD, area inhabitants. Contact Murphy & Company LLC.

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