Simple Tips to De-Clog Your Drains, Homeowner Style

by | Sep 17, 2012 | Home Improvement

Most people know that plumbing systems are the ones that are more prone to drainage and clogging problems. These little mishaps can definitely cause a hefty amount of trouble for most homeowners and busy homemakers who have to juggle career and chores in the house because either they have to fix the problem by themselves or call a plumber or two. As a homemaker, one of the many things you’ll have to consider in keeping the house is to maintain the cleanliness of your drains and pipes at home. And for those who can’t help but seek assistance from the experts, there are numerous Drain Cleaning professionals available if you’re in St. Paul MN for your convenience.

Clearing and cleaning your drainage system is not one of the well-loved chores in the house. It is despised by most homeowners. That’s because apart from the fact that you’d get the most unimaginable things out of your drains when you clean them, these recalcitrant clogged drains may also warrant your toilet or sink derelict, as in unusable. But before you patch a call to the town’s best plumber, try and see if you can make first aid solutions to your clogged drains.

First, make use of the perennial plunger you may have lying around somewhere in the house. The plunger is considered to be a very convenient and useful tool for many homeowners everywhere. And for those experts in the home, the first thing that comes to mind is to take a plunger when the toilet gets a bit clogged. What’s nice is that you can buy a plunger at any hardware store or your local tool supply shop. If you get lucky, you can de-clog your toilet with just a few pumps from your trusty plunger.

Second, salt water may be deemed useful for your problems, as homemade brine solutions can help to eliminate bad odors from clogged pipes and drains. Say goodbye to greasy kitchen sinks. What’s more is that, in place of muriatic acids and other chemicals which in time may erode your sink, you may use a rather strong brine solution to wash down your drain after you wash the dishes. Little did everyone know that salt solutions cut grease, and keeps it away from making nasty buildups in drainage pipes.

Then there’s the ever useful baking soda or vinegar. They are cheap and very in-demand cleaning agents, and sometimes, they are even more effective than your regular cleaners and store-bought chemicals. Vinegar and baking soda does not only remove clogs and slugs in your sink but they deter foul odors in the area as well.
If anything else doesn’t work, then it’s high time that you should get a good Drain Cleaning product, they’re available everywhere, whether you’re in St. Paul MN or in other parts of the country.

And lastly, make sure to get a mechanical snake aside from your typical plunger. This one helps in dislodging those stubborn clogs that plungers may not be able to remove. Just simply insert the mechanical snake into the affected drain until it reaches the very edge of the clog. Then push the device as you go along, this will dislodge whatever stubborn sludge you have in there. Run a hose or water in order to wash away the clogs after the process.
All’s well that ends well; but if none of these simple tips work, then call your local and respected plumber and leave the dirty work to them for your peace of mind and convenience.

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