Some Of The Basics To Keep In Mind For Off-Campus Living In Charlottesville

When you leave home to attend college, there are a few housing options that you have. One would be to live in the dorms that are on the campus. Another is to seek student housing in Charlottesville VA, such as an apartment. A benefit of many apartments is that since there are multiple bedrooms, you can share a unit with a friend or two and divide the rent and utilities so that one person isn’t paying for everything. The following are just a few tips for living on your own while you’re in school.

Get Details

Before making a decision about where you want to live, you need to talk to a few of the people who live in the same apartment complex or in the same community. While most apartment complexes offer images that coincide with what to expect when you move into the unit, there are some that might make the units seem a bit different than what is offered.


You’re going to need to purchase food and toiletries at some point while living in student housing in Charlottesville VA. If you live by yourself, then consider shopping in bulk to save a little money while having more items that could last longer. If you share your home with others, then talk to them about how they want to share the shopping duties. You might want to purchase your own foods that you like or make a menu for each week so that everyone shares the cost of getting food.


Make sure you keep your door locked to your bedroom at all times so that items don’t go missing. You should also ensure that the entry doors remain locked when you’re in the home alone or when there is no one there in order to keep belongings secure. Find out if there is a security guard who patrols the property or if there are any cameras used to monitor the property for safety.

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