In Trouble? Call a Foreclosure Lawyer in Lawrence KS

A home foreclosure occurs when the borrower stops making payments to the mortgage lender, who is then forced to try to recover the funds they’re owed. The lender may use the borrower’s home as a source of collateral by which they can collect the missing assets. Facing a home foreclosure is a jarring and terrifying experience, but it is important for homeowners to realize that it’s an avoidable one. With assistance from a foreclosure attorney, these situations can often be resolved.

Don’t let the home move into foreclosure; call a compassionate, knowledgeable attorney when the trouble first arises. A foreclosure lawyer in Lawrence KS will work to protect owners’ rights, finances, and homes.

What Can Be Done to Stop a Foreclosure?

There are a few steps homeowners can take to prevent a foreclosure action from moving forward and possibly save their homes.

* Call an attorney immediately
* Gather all relevant loan documents for the lawyer’s review
* File for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection if needed
* Request a mortgage modification

Local foreclosure attorneys are just as focused on stopping foreclosures as homeowners are, so contact them today. The firm’s team of foreclosure defense attorneys is ready to fight for clients’ rights and offer advice that brings relief from financial stress.

Other Circumstances and Defenses to Foreclosure

In various other situations, a foreclosure attorney may find it easier to defend a client’s case. These circumstances include:

* Being an active-duty military member
* Discovering that the loan originator engages in illegal practices
* Errors on the part of the loan servicer, such as the imposition of unauthorized or excessive fees
* The mortgage’s terms are egregiously unfair
* The lender failed to follow the right procedures for a foreclosure

Each of the above circumstances must be proven by a Foreclosure Lawyer in Lawrence KS. The firm’s experienced lawyers can help clients determine if they are eligible for any of the listed defenses.

In Closing

Facing a home foreclosure is a frightening experience, but homeowners don’t have to go through it alone. Visit us for more details on the firm’s services or call today to schedule a consultation with a local attorney.

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