Workers Have the Right to Feel Safe While They Are on the Job

Employers should make worker safety their top priority. This is true whether workers perform tasks in a warehouse, on a farm or at their desk in a cubicle. Those who work at heights should be provided with guardrails, harnesses, or other equipment that could stop them from falling to a lower level.

Stay in Compliance With OSHA Rules

OSHA in Columbia, SC, may require that workers use equipment designed to provide fall protection. While it may not prevent them from falling off of scaffolding or the roof they are repairing, it can keep them suspended in the air until help arrives. Instead of suffering a broken back or other serious injuries, an employee may be able to get right back to work after receiving assistance. In addition to keeping your workers healthy and productive, you can avoid the hassle that comes with OSHA inspections or citations.

Make Sure That the Fall Protection Equipment Works

Workers who use equipment designed to provide fall protection in Columbia, SC, should have confidence that it will work when needed. If it does not, an injured employee may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the company as opposed to pursuing a workers’ compensation case. Generally speaking, personal injury cases are more expensive to resolve and can create negative publicity for the brand.

Fall Protection Should Only Be Part of a Safety Plan

It is critical employers take steps to mitigate any known or discovered hazard a worker could encounter on the job. Employees may have the right to not complete a task if they legitimately feel as if doing so would put their safety in danger.

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