Tanker loading explained

Loading skids are nothing more than a platform to facilitate loading or re-fuelling. They can either be suspended or fixed to the ground. Top loading skids are now considered outdated and are being replaced by bottom loaded skids. All the pieces for the safe loading, fuelling etc are all in the one place. It is just like the petrol pumps at a service station for taking on board fuel for your car. Industrial service skids are similar, in principle, but are larger, more complex and with many more safety features. They can house pumps, meters or anything else in a bespoke system. Just drive up, fill up and drive off.


Bottom loading skids can be bought as a package for all standard fuels and are suitable for ATEX zone 1 hazardous areas. They are designed as a full tanker loading system and are engineered to comply with all the current government and European Union regulations and standards.

The skids come complete with all the pumps, meters, loading arms, control panels and safety systems and are built into a sturdy galvanized steel frame. The meters do not have a 100% accuracy level but it is as near to that as is technically possible. The accuracy tolerance is ± 0.15%. Customer input is also required to determine the delivery speed of the tankers load.

Low maintenance costs and high safety features are built in as a matter of importance. Vapour return systems, pressure relief protection, long lasting couplers, high quality hoses and corrosion resistant carbon steel pipe work are all included in the design.

Terminal bottom loading skid are in reality just bigger and faster with the option of added extras. Low maintenance costs are also a factor. They are made in a modular design so adding extras is easy with fast assembly on site.

Flow meters complete the package with their built in safety features of tanker overfill protection, ability to earth the tanker, monitoring and auto shut down. If that’s not enough there is an emergency shut off mounted on the skid.

Who do you turn to if you need loading skids for tankers or terminals? InFlow has the answers. Telephone them on 01375 387420 or visit their website Inflow.co.uk

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