The duties of a computer service technician

A computer service technician does PC repair on Long Island as well as maintaining the hardware and software components of a computer. These tasks can be varied, anything from installing or updating software to analyzing a computers performance, diagnosing what the problem may be and fixing it. Those technicians who focus on PC repair on Long island do not work on large networks but they may be handling customer service issues.

Many of these technicians work for local PC repair shops or work privately. Regardless of where they work, their services will always revolve around issues that plague a PC. In many cases the problems can be traced to the computer operating system, when this is the case the technician must identify where the problem lies and fix it, at times this may warrant a reinstallation of the OS. The tasks also take the technician to computer peripherals such as printers, scanners and Wi-Fi routers and modems.

Regardless of whether the technician is gainfully employed in a shop that performs PC repair on Long Island or whether he is independent, he must deal with people. As many computer owners are simply users and have very little knowledge of software and hardware, the technician will have to learn how to communicate with the customers on this level. The owner may be able to describe what happened but the chances of the owner knowing why it happened or what component failed are remote.

The technician must be meticulous with records as these are used in the event the computer is still under warranty. He or she must be able to write work orders and parts orders so that the costs associated with the repair can be accurately calculated.

The technician will not only be faced with software and hardware issues, but virus removal and spyware removal will be an ongoing task as is data recovery in the event the computer crashed and data was corrupted.

Most PC repair technicians have computers in their blood and once they leave high school, a further two years of study is required. The courses that are required are available at community colleges and technical schools. The courses that are studied lead to certification by Microsoft and Cisco, these certificates are important for advancement in the technician’s career.

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