The Convenience and Effectiveness of Modern Systems for Heating And Cooling in Neenah WI

The advent of whole-house systems for heating and cooling in Neenah WI, and elsewhere made substantial improvements in people’s lives. No longer did they have to bundle up so heavily while trying to get some sleep during bitterly cold nights, with a fireplace as the only heat source in the house. When home central air conditioning became significantly more prevalent beginning in the 1970s, area residents now could enjoy climate control all year round.

Advances in Technology

Today, advances in technology have made heating with wood remarkably more efficient. Wood furnaces are available for whole-house heat. Nevertheless, a large majority of area residents prefer to heat with natural gas or liquid propane because of the convenience factor. Heating with wood requires a fair bit of effort, and there’s always the chance the fire will burn out when nobody is home. Also, air conditioning still is needed if people want to beat the heat in the summertime.

How It Works

Natural gas and propane furnaces, as well as central air conditioning powered by electricity, all provide climate control with the transfer of heat. Furnaces bring heated air into the home through ducts. In contrast, air conditioners remove heat from the air, which is the same principle on which refrigerators work.

A Smoothly Running System

In the 21st Century, most Fox Valley residents take heating and cooling in Neenah WI for granted. Normally everything works fine. About the most they ever have to do is change the air filter as directed and schedule annual maintenance for the equipment to keep it running efficiently. Those yearly appointments also are helpful for preventing equipment breakdowns, as the technicians can make necessary adjustments and identify components that should be replaced.

As systems get older, an occasional breakdown may occur, letting the owners know well ahead of time that replacement by a contractor such as Bob’s Quality Heating & Cooling will probably become necessary within the next few years. Technicians from this type of company can also do the annual maintenance and any repair that work that must be completed in the future. Visit to learn more about this particular contractor.

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