Three Materials Commonly Installed by a Siding Contractor in Liberty MO

Aluminum siding has fallen out of favor in the residential setting over the years. In the 21st Century, about 80 percent of residential siding now is made of aluminum. A Siding Contractor in Liberty MO may also offer cement board and cedar wood as siding options. Each has advantages to consider.


This material has become so prevalent primarily because it is the lowest in cost. When vinyl siding first was marketed, it also tended to look cheap, but those days are long gone. Vinyl siding now can look almost exactly like wood or painted wood, with different grain patterns and colors. It’s a very cost-effective material that protects the exterior of the home.

Cement Board

Also known as fiber cement siding, this material has the distinct advantage of being as strong as concrete. It can better withstand harsh weather elements compared with other products. The siding is available in products that look like wood or that have a masonry effect. Cement board siding, as installed by a Siding Contractor in Liberty MO, is in the mid-range price between vinyl and cedar.

Cedar Wood

This species of wood is very resistant to insects, ultraviolet light and moisture. That’s why contractors tend to provide this material to their customers who insist on having natural wood cladding for the home’s exterior. Unlike many other kinds of wood, cedar repels insects that might otherwise burrow into it. It also is highly resistant to rotting that can gradually develop due to weather elements.

The Problem With Aluminum

Aluminum once was a prevalent choice and still can be seen on the exterior of many homes built before 1990. It has inherent characteristics that make it less appealing for siding now. The material is easily dented and scratched, for example. The colors baked onto this metal fade over the years, so that the color no longer looks the same as what the homeowners originally chose.

Concluding Thoughts

Contractors such as Ameristar Roofing & Restoration install all three of these kinds of siding, providing service to a broad range of homeowners with different preferences. Anyone who wants to learn more about this particular company may Visit us online.

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