Understanding Sounds Your Garage Door Makes That Indicate a Problem

Though it’s normal for your garage door to make some level of noise when it opens and closes, some sounds could be cause for concern. To ensure you can identify these problems before they turn into major issues, it’s important to understand the source of some common garage door sounds. That way, if your garage needs garage door service in Melbourne, FL, you will be able to enlist their services right away.


It takes a large amount of energy to open and close your garage door, so a small amount of rattling can be expected. However, if the rattling becomes excessive, it’s a sure sign of a problem. Rattling can be caused by something as simple as a loose nut on the door to something as serious as an unbalanced door that is vibrating along the tracks. When you hear a noise like this, take some time to ensure that all the nuts and bolts on your door and track are properly tightened. Beyond this, you should enlist some type of garage door service in Melbourne, FL.


If your garage door gives you goosebumps thanks to a “fingernails on a chalkboard” sound, it’s time to seek some assistance. The most common cause of squeaking is rollers that are poorly lubricated. Squeaking rollers can add extra resistance as the garage door is being raised and lowered, which could cause your opener motor to burn out prematurely.


If you notice a popping noise coming from your garage door, it’s not because it’s launching fireworks to celebrate your entry or exit. Popping is typically caused by a problem with the springs that provide the tension to raise and lower the garage door. These springs should only be serviced by a trained professional to prevent serious injury to you or serious damage to your property.

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