Understanding the Bail Process in Kaufman, TX

Bail is usually offered to those who are arrested so they do not need to remain in jail before their hearings are completed. The amount of bail varies depending on the criminal charges and other factors, but the Bail Process in Kaufman, TX is generally the same for everyone who is arrested. Below is information about what to expect when it comes to getting and paying bail.

Automatic Bail Provided

For some crimes, the bail amount may be predetermined. This means the arrested person can learn what their bail amount is as soon as they’re processed into the jail. If the charges do have a predetermined amount, the arrested person can pay this in full to secure their release or start working with a bail bondsman.

Bail Decided by Judge

In some cases, the bail will not be predetermined. This means the arrested person must go before a judge and find out what their bail will be. During this hearing, the judge hears basic facts about the crime the person is accused of, whether they are expected to commit the crime again if they’re released, and whether they’re a flight risk. The judge uses all of this information to determine what the bail amount will be.

Decide How to Pay the Bail

Once the arrested person knows what the bail amount will be, they need to decide how they’ll pay it. For smaller amounts, it may be possible for them to just pay it in full. If the bail amount is too high for them to afford, they may want to work with a bail bondsman. The bondsman will pay the bail in full for them, so long as they agree to the terms of the bond.

Bail Paid in Full

Once the bail is paid in full, regardless of who pays it, the arrested person can be released from jail. There may be restrictions placed on them at this point, such as not being about to leave the county, but they can go home, continue to work and live their life until their hearings are completed.

If your loved one has been arrested and you have any questions about the Bail Process in Kaufman, TX, speak with a bail bondsman today. They handle Bail Bonds frequently and thoroughly understand the process, so they can answer any questions you might have.

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