Water Well Service Recommendations for Janesville

Last year we had a record-breaking drought in Janesville and all of Wisconsin. That has put people on the alert about how delicate the balance of water is around here. We assume that our water wells are going to be there for us, and then when there’s no water we are all in a very difficult situation. Drought isn’t the only reason that residents of Janesville can be surprised by a lack of water. It is highly recommended that you schedule annual water well service. That way, you can head off problems before they become big problems, saving you time and money, and a big headache.

Annual Water Well Service is Probably Enough

You are probably wondering if you shouldn’t schedule water well service more often than just once a year. After all, we have extreme winters here in Janesville and it does make sense to have a water well service just before things get seriously cold, and once again in the spring to make sure the winter hasn’t done any damage. This is a great plan if you don’t mind, or can afford, twice yearly water well servicing.

But it is probably enough to get your water well serviced just once per year. The service will look at any potential problems from the effects of time and weather, and it is likely that if everything is working okay, it will stay that way for the rest of the year. Of course, that is not always the case, especially with older water pumps. There may be components that are part of your water well system that need to be replaced before they break down. If these kinds of repairs are not undertaken during your annual water well service, you risk losing your water at an inconvenient time or suffering more damage to the system.

In Between Water Well Servicing

In between annual water well servicing, you should take an interest in the way your water system works. Listen for changes in the sound your water pump makes or in the frequency with which it turns on and off. If you water pump runs constantly, there may be a problem and you risk a burn-out of the motor. If your water pressure changes or is inconsistent, don’t hesitate to call your well and water professional.

There are many potential problems that an annual service can detect and help you to voice. In between, just stay aware of your water system and you’ll notice if something needs attention.



The most trustworthy and competent water well service in Janesville is provided by the good people at Aqua Well & Pump Systems, Inc. Don’t hesitate to call if you think something is wrong with your water system.



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