Well Drilling and you!

One of the most vital elements for life is water. Oftentimes a well, which is effectively a direct path to a source of underground water, is needed. Modern drilling has come a long way over the centuries. Once a property determines they have need for a well the process starts with mapping of the site. Surface conditions, topography, vegetation and potential sources of contamination all play a factor in the location of a well. Site mapping helps determine the location of the water source as well as the overall path the drilling will follow. Other crucial information pieces are also recorded. A properly drilled well will easily be one of the longest-term investments you make in a property. With a professional Well Drilling service you will have clear-cut expectations in regards to the overall performance of the well/pump, minimal impact on the water table itself and consistent water quality.

The drilling process starts with the needed permit. As this is a large undertaking, the local authorities need to be alerted well in advance, to ensure the overall safety of the event. Drilled wells can often be completed in only days and easily reach far further then more primitive dug wells. When choosing a Well Drilling company it is important that you are comfortable with the overall experience. Consider the following: are they competitively priced? Are references offered? Are your wishes(location, time, etc) taken into consideration? Are you making certain expectations are being made clear? Make sure your driller has a clear understanding of the type of system you will like to work with. The professional you hire should also make it clear the expectations you are to maintain; any deposits and such need to be in writing before work proceeds. Casing material as well as size and depth of the well should be decided upon before work begins as well. Also, a Well Drilling company may not have the physical ability to clear trees and level land and the need to sub-contract may cause delays. This could easily be avoided with proper communication. Once the drilling is completed, a bacterial report is submitted to the proper Health Services department.

Whether you want fresh water to help your crops grow, to bathe in or to drink, Wiley Well Drilling can visit you personally to help.

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