When Is the Perfect Time to Get Professional Door Repair in Madison, AL?

Doors, like all the other things in a home, have a lifespan. To keep that lifespan if possible, it is best to always keep a lookout for signs of wear and damage. Look at these signs to get an idea of whether door repair in Madison, AL, is necessary:

1. Shrunken and/or Cracked Drafts

Drafts are usually one of the first things people should inspect to determine whether professional repair is needed. Drafts on a door will shrink and/or crack when the seals surrounding the door start to age. This can also let in a lot more air, and that is what can lead to a cold room.

2. Loud Hinges

Everyone hates a noisy, squeaky door. If the hinges on a door start to squeak, it may be a cause for more than simple oiling. Worn down hinges can eventually become a safety hazard in the home since loose hinges can make it much easier for people to force the door open.

3. Floor Damage

Old doors that haven’t been cared for properly can start to sag and warp. This causes the door to scrape along the floor and leave various marks. If the floor is carpet, strands of the hair can get caught in certain parts of the door as well. Get professional door repair in Madison, AL, right away if this problem appears, as it can be costly to have to repair both a door and a floor at once.

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