Veterinary Services in Bel Air Maryland Are Comprehensive and State-of-the-Art

There is nothing more troubling than noticing that your pet is not acting ‘normal’. Maybe your dog is now urinating in the house after being house-trained for years. It could be that the cat has an abnormal lump. Constant scratching and meowing, limping or favoring one paw, wheezing – no matter what the symptoms, you are concerned. After all, this is a member of your family. Choose a veterinarian in Bel Air, MD, with extensive experience and the latest technology to help treat your furry friend.

Services Offered

Maybe nothing is wrong with your animal. You just want routine care to keep Fluffy in optimal health. Yearly examinations can help to detect problems before they become real health issues. Vaccinations protect your pet as well as your family against deadly diseases. Nutritional counseling can give your pet the diet necessary for strong bones, healthy teeth, and a shiny coat. All these services will be offered by a qualified veterinarian in Bel Air, MD.

If surgery is necessary you can rest assured that options like cryosurgery and radiosurgery will help to lessen pain and bleeding. These techniques also provide faster healing time. Pain management options like pain patches, epidurals and lasers will keep your beloved animal comfortable.

Dentistry is also provided by the veterinarian in Bel Air, MD. Under anesthesia teeth can be cleaned or extracted and tumors can be removed. For animals like rabbits and chinchillas’ teeth can be filed down, too.

Visit Chadwell Animal Hospital for all your pet’s wellness needs.

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