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by | Nov 29, 2012 | Home And Garden

The Dutch are well known for their bulb flowers, particularly the tulips. In fact, the image of a tulip is often synonymous with the Dutch people, gracing decorations and other things that signify the Dutch. This leads many people to seek out Dutch bulbs when they are looking to purchase new tulips for their garden. Even though their origins aren’t Dutch, this is where many people prefer to get their tulips.


Even though most people think Dutch when they hear about tulips, these beautiful flowers actually have origins in the Middle East, primarily Turkey. It wasn’t until the 17th Century that tulips found their way to the Netherlands where the Dutch live. However, they worked with the plants to turn them into what they are today, making people think of the Dutch every time they see them instead of Turkey or the Middle East.


Much of the attraction of the tulip Dutch bulbs is their bright colors. When you have a garden full of tulips, you can have a garden filled with flowers every color of the rainbow. From reds and yellows to blues and purples, you will find a vast array of flowers that will please anyone. This is why so many people love to add tulips to their garden. With the variety of colors, everyone can get just the right ones to turn their garden into exactly what they want.

Annual Growth

Unlike many other bulbs, the tulip bulbs don’t keep expanding, making it easier to keep them where you want them. However, just like many of the other bulbs on the market, tulips will bloom year after year. This is a great advantage to people who don’t like to spend the money on new plants or just don’t have the time to plant a garden every year. This makes gardening with these bulbs easier.

When most people think of the Dutch, they automatically think of the tulip Dutch bulbs. Despite the fact these flowers didn’t originate in the Netherlands, the tulip has become a symbol of the Dutch people. With their bright, beautiful colors and ability to return year after year, they are an attractive option for anyone who wants to add a splash of just about any color to their garden without worrying about replanting. The best part about these flowers is they are also affordable, making them an easy addition to anyone’s garden.




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