Best Strategies for Dentist Marketing

by | Oct 23, 2012 | Health Care

It makes no difference when you set out to research best strategies for doing dentist marketing, it will include social media, Internet, websites, branding and many other things. Yes, you probably still need your name in the yellow pages, but if you want ROI, or return on your investment, that will come from going viral in social media and online.

However, there is something that will always be front and center when it comes to marketing yourself and your dentistry business. It is the “inside job”.

Inside Job

Your dentist marketing can include the most profound website; you can be branded throughout social media but still not build and expand your clientele. It is all about the “inside job.” Patients come in for their appointment and have to wait for a minimum of two hours. The dentist is rough and the hygienist is rude. The patient is charged more that he should be because the girl in the front office has math problems.

The “inside job” has to be meticulous and the best customer service and “chair-side” manner. From the front desk to the back office and lab room, there must be a cheery dialog with frightened men, women and children who have to open their mouth for a long time, leaving them feeling vulnerable. You can give rewards for referrals. When patients are impressed with your “chair-side” manner, no wait time in the lobby and quick and efficient service, your patients will refer their friends.

Brand Yourself

“The Best Pediatric Dentist”; “The Most Efficient Dentist in Town”; “We Cater to Cowards”; and so on. Come up with your brand and communicate it through all the types of social media, your website and your blog entries that are connected to your website.

Dentist marketing includes communicating with your online community on a regular basis so they know you care. They want to prove that to you. Don’t forget to give something away. It could be a balloon, a key chain or a toothbrush; what it is doesn’t matter as much as the fact you are giving them something.

Create a Community

Your community is the area of town where your dental office is, but your community is everywhere the effect of dentist marketing can reach. Advertise in the local neighborhood paper that goes to the residents on a weekly basis. This will widen your virtual community and bring more ROI than the actual community.

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