Buying a Serta Mattress

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It goes without saying that the Serta mattress is probably one of the leading names in bedding to date. From the high quality box spring and traditional mattresses to their more contemporary, en vogue memory foam beds, Serta is one name that sends light bulbs flashing in the minds of the average consumer. If you are considering purchasing a Serta mattress, here are a few pointers to consider prior to making that purchase.

Consult a Mattress Guide
Sure, Serta is one of the most popular names in the mattress business, but if you are not familiar with the quality offered by the company, then it may prove helpful to consult a mattress guide. There many websites that provide detailed explanations of Serta products as well as consumer reviews. You can rest assured that once you take a look at the reviews posted as well as take the time out to consult with a mattress expert or sales associate at the local mattress or department store that you will get plenty of answers for your unanswered bedding questions. Additionally, mattress guides are available on the websites of the various stores that sell Serta products.

Make a Checklist
Know the “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to your personal mattress buying experience. In order to do this, it may be necessary to make a list of all of the things that you want in a Serta mattress. Jot down a series of questions or concerns like whether or not you would consider memory foam or if you want a Serta product comparable to something else. Also, have a clear idea of the bed size that you are looking for. The standard bed sizes are twin, full, queen and king. If you are unclear, do a quick Internet search and peruse the images that are displayed. Print out photos of the products that you like so that when you go mattress shopping, you will have a crystal clear idea of exactly what you want – and the salesperson will not be able to sway your attention in another direction.

Check for Discounts
Many stores that carry Serta products specialize in discounts and coupons. You never know which stores double up on discounts as well as sales. Furthermore, when doing an Internet search you should search for manufacturer’s coupons. Consider calling up the target mattress stores that you plan to visit to see whether or not they have a sale going on or if they offer discounts on the product that you plan to buy. Negotiate a small discount if you purchase associated accessories. Most of all be prepared to bring in information about the competition. Discuss what the competitor is doing that has piqued your attention and see if the store in which you are visiting is prepared to do something similar.

Understand Warranties
Reading the fine print on the warranties is essential. You need to know what the manufacturer offers. Having a clear understanding about this is important. You can take a look at the forums and message boards for tips and pointers.

Shopping for a Serta bed is quite easy. There are a plethora of resources available on the Internet that can be helpful. If you are interested in purchasing a Serta product, go to Mattress Direct.

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