Can your software be understood in France?

English is the language which is the overwhelming favorite when writing computer software. To keep things in their proper perspective, there are over 8500 recorded languages used in programming, out of these almost half are in English. Of course, that leaves the other half which is predominately Russian, German, Japanese, French and Bulgarian. If you write a successful program in one of the English programming languages, what will happen when you want to promote it in foreign markets?

You have three choices really, one is to stick your head in the sand and just market it as is, the second and third both require software translation services. Simple programs can be left coded in their original language, with just the output and input of data in a foreign language or the software can be completely re-written using one of the computer languages used in other than the US, Canada, Britain etc.

To translate software takes not only linguistic skills, but an in depth knowledge of computer programming languages well. Those of us who are users have no idea of the complex instructions that are given to our computers to make them do what we want them to do. When you enter a character, the computer does not see the character, it sees a string of ones and zeros, which when instructed by a computer language perform a function. If you enter “thanks”, when software translation services gets finished with it, it comes out as “merci”. It’s really not that simple, you have to enter it in French as well.

As well as the actual software translation services that is required, there may very well be a greater demand for web site translation. Companies no longer see themselves serving customers in a small geographic area, the world is any company’s oyster any more, but for a company to be successful in foreign markets, the potential customers have to understand what you are selling. The internet has made logging on to an American web site from Outer Mongolia just as simple as it is to log onto the site from Des Moines Iowa. The problem then manifests itself, the customer in Des Moines has no problem selecting the product he wants, but this is not going to be the case with the potential customer in Ulan Baatar.

There are companies who engage the services of qualified translators between many languages. When it comes to web sites the translations either go from English to a foreign language or vice versa. English is the lingua franca of the internet and of computer software but that does not mean that it can go no further. Languages should not stand in the way of a company seeking global success.

Software translation services can be had from ComTranslations International Agency. Their dedicated staff can put your message in front of a client in the language he understands.

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