Carpet Maintenance

by | May 20, 2013 | Home Improvement

After knowing the importance of carpet or if you thinks you really needs carpeting, then you head out and buy one. But does the work end after purchasing and furnishing the house? No! For a carpet to look as good as new every day, you should know how to take care of it and study maintenance rules. Just like pets, these rugs should be treated with utmost care.

There are different ways of cleaning and maintaining carpets. The first one starts at the shop, where you are supposed to get a protector. Carpet Gaithersburg protectors assist in making sure that stains, spills and other dirt particles do not reach the carpets. Examples of carpet protectors are soil resistors. Another important thing to purchase is an entrance mat. Door mats gets the dirt and soil that people might come in with. To prevent the dirt from reaching inside, shoes are wiped on the doormat or removed before entering the room.

Apart from things to buy there are also several other means of maintenance. For instance, you should remove dirt on a regular basis. Soil is very abrasive on fiber and can cause damage to it. Some soil particle can simply be brushed and everything gets back to normal. However other can be so small and almost invisible meaning the human eye cannot see them. To ensure there particle will not remain there, it is essential to vacuum regularly –at least twice a week. This will ensure that the carpet is not dull and its effectiveness is observed.

Everyone would love their carpets to remain new and spotless; in short to always be as they bought them. However, this cannot be the case if people do not take care of spills before they become stains. Things like red wine, blood and oil cannot be removed easily if they are left to stay on for awhile. Spot removal is a very easy exercise. You should get a clean cloth and a recommended spot remover. You then apply the remover on the cloth and use it to bloat on the spot. This means slowly pressing and not rubbing on the spot as rubbing spreads the stains or destroys fiber. You should also avoid using very soapy removers as they will be hard to rinse. For rinsing, you should use another clean white material, dampen it and bloat again.

Sometimes spots can be hard to remove at home. In this case, you are supposed to look for professional cleaners. Professional cleaners can remove the spot and clean what vacuuming couldn’t. This type of intensive cleaning is to be done at least once per year to keep the carpet looking good. However you can do it as many time as you wish if you can afford it. A good example is carpet Gaithersburg pieces; their products have proved to be efficient over the years.

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