Chocolate Gold Coins Are the Perfect Favor for a Baby Shower

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Shopping

When you are planning a baby shower, whether it is your own or for someone else, you have many details to consider. Aside from the standards of the venue, food to serve and decorations, you have to consider the favors you will send home with your guests. While the standard candles, picture frames and pens have been overdone, there are a variety of delicious chocolate gold coins you can give to your guests that are delicious and have deep meaning.

Pink or Blue

If you have revealed the gender of your baby-to-be, you can use pink or blue foil-wrapped coins as the favors for your guests to give them a special treat to take home. If you have not revealed the gender and want to do so at the shower, you can do it in an innovative way. Place the correct colored foil-wrapped coins in an organza bag or other cute container and let guests be surprised as they open their containers to the color that corresponds to your baby.


Women love to poke and squeeze the big bellies of pregnant women. If you want to give your guests a real treat, have your picture put on chocolate gold coins. If you choose a picture of you with a large belly and put the date of your shower or intended due date, it can serve as a unique baby shower favor for your guests they are sure to love, not only for its gourmet chocolate but the uniqueness of the gift as well.

Large Coins

If you are looking for the perfect way to enhance the décor at your shower, as well as give your guests a favor, you can use large chocolate coins as table scatter or even as part of the table settings. The double duty these coins can achieve will allow you to maximize your spending by allowing your favors to double as something functional during the event.

Planning a baby shower can be an overwhelming process. There are numerous details that go into the perfect event. Whether you are hosting the event at a venue or at your home, there are many small details to consider, including the favors you will send home with your guests. Chocolate gold coins are increasing in popularity as a favor because of their flexibility to double as a something functional at the shower, such as table scatters or even as part of the place setting.

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