Common Mistakes Made by Professional Property Management Companies

by | Aug 21, 2013 | Real Estate

Owning a rental property is an important, long-term investment that is not something to be taken lightly.  Often, hiring a professional property management Puyallup firm to assist with your rental management needs can reduce the stress of handling landlord responsibilities and offer the peace of mind of knowing that your rental property is being managed by a professional.  However, when choosing a firm to handle your professional property management needs, it is important to have an understanding of what responsibilities a rental manager has in regards to their clients as well as to know what actions may be an indicator that a potential management company is not as knowledgeable or experienced as they claim to be.

How are prospective tenants screened?
Be sure your rental management company runs background and credit checks on potential renters.  A good professional property management company will also verify income and job stability as well as contact past landlords to verify rental agreements have been upheld in the past.

How are maintenance workers hired?
Ask if your property management company maintains a list of “go-to” contractors for maintenance needs.  Hiring a new plumber, roofer, or drywall repair person every time a problem arises is not considered to be best practice.  Select a rental manager who has long-standing relationships with local contractors that include perks such as discounted rates and 24 hours daily service.  Also, be sure your property manager does not hire unlicensed or unskilled workers to save a buck, as such activity typically comes back to haunt the property owner later.

How often is routine inspection completed?
One of the most important ways to keep a property in great shape is by running preventative maintenance and performing routine inspections to be sure everything is in good condition and working order.  The sooner a problem is spotted, the sooner it can be addressed before becoming a larger issue.  Seek out rental management companies that perform inspections of their properties at least yearly, if not twice a year.

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