Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago Offers Complete Dental Makeovers

by | Oct 27, 2012 | Health Care

The primary purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to improve an individual’s overall smile. A dazzling smile can improve anyone’s confidence. Thanks to recent advancements in the cosmetic dentistry field, dentists worldwide can provide full mouth reconstructions and complete smile makeovers. In addition to improved appearance, full mouth reconstruction offers the opportunity to treat various functional problems. A cosmetic dentistry in Chicago practitioner often provides many dental procedures to improve a person’s overall oral health.

Dental Bonding and Filling
There are a number of treatment programs used by dentists. Bonding and dental filling are two of the more common. Dental filling is a restorative process used primarily for minimal tooth fracture and decay, along with damaged tooth surface. Fillings used consist of either porcelain, silver, gold or composite. Bonding is a noninvasive and completely painless procedure that serves as a solution for broken, chipped and crooked teeth or to fill gaps.

Veneers and Dental Implants
A dental implant is an artificial tooth replacement used for tooth loss. These replacements are durable and strong and recognized as a highly effective procedure for missing teeth. The patient is given an artificial device that acts and appears completely natural. Veneers are manufactured of a tooth like ceramic and are custom designed for each individual. They are ideal for covering worn tooth enamel. Many people have veneers when bonding isn’t a viable option.

Tooth Whitening Procedures
Teeth bleaching are a highly requested and very common procedure. This process is designed to enhance a smile by reducing discoloration. A person’s teeth are highly susceptible to staining because they are porous. A cosmetic dentistry in Chicago specialist applies a strong whitening gel and often uses laser technology. Although there are many whitening products offered for home use, professional treatments are far more effective and last longer.

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost
The type of procedure performed will greatly influence the cost. If it involves full rehabilitation and extensive design work, the price of the service increases accordingly. When having crowns or bridges, laboratory charges usually are separate. Also, specialized dentists or additional surgeries can also affect final pricing. Patients that have dental implants will require care before and after each procedure. Consult with your cosmetic dental surgeon regarding all costs and payment options prior to having cosmetic treatments.

Best Cosmetic Dentist
Every community will have a selection of cosmetic dentists to choose from. If you regularly see a family dental practitioner that doesn’t offer cosmetic services, ask for a referral. Anybody that is unhappy with their smile or needs restorative teeth surgery should visit a dental professional. They are specially trained to eliminate problems related to maintaining dental health. Additionally, with all the latest technologies offered in dentistry today they have the ability to transform a person’s appearance dramatically.

Art of Modern Dentistry is fully committed to enhancing the appearance and beauty of your smile. We can correct almost any dental problem. Visit to learn more about our dental clinic.

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