Different Procedures to Clean Carpets

by | Jul 1, 2011 | Home And Garden

Everything that we use in our daily life needs good maintenance to keep them functioning as new, at least for a few years. Let’s face facts – home management is not at all an easy job. Homeowners need to clean and maintain the various utilities in their household on a regular basis. One of the essential home décor items which need regular cleaning and washing is the carpet. To retain its grandeur you need to spend a good deal of time in washing and maintaining the furnishing. These items will retain the shine only if you cleanse them regularly.

Along with regular cleaning of the carpets, quite often you need to use other methods for maintaining the aesthetic value of these home décor utilities. Daily vacuum cleaning and dust sweeping is simply not enough. Here are two basic procedures to clean these home furnishings:

Steam cleaning – Cleaning your floor matting by steam is considered to be the best method by their manufacturers worldwide. This process is also known as the hot water extraction method. For carpets which are nearly soiled and need to be washed thoroughly, the steam cleaning method is deal. The cleaning can be done through either a truck mounted or a portable unit. The process involves application of a cleaning solution on the floor matting and then rinsing it with hot water. It takes near about twenty four hours to dry. After such a thorough wash, your carpet is free from any kind of dust, mold or bacteria.

Dry cleaning – This method of cleaning, as the name suggests, is completely opposite to the steaming procedure. The method has two main sub categories and depends upon your choice as to which one of these you would want to apply for cleaning your floor matting:

  1. Powder method – In this method a semi-moist powder is applied on the carpet and left to dry. This absorbs the soil particles present in the matting. After it gets dried the powder is vacuumed out.
  2. Foam method – In this procedure a foaming shampoo is applied on your floor matting with the help of a machine. This helps to absorb the dirt on the carpet, after which the matting is left undisturbed for drying. Later on, the dirt and soil are vacuumed out.

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