Disposing of construction waste and rubbish

by | Jul 4, 2013 | Waste Management

Construction waste consists of all the trash, rubbish and debris that are the result of building construction, building renovation or complete demolition. Construction and other rubbish removal on Long Island are unlike domestic waste as it is often heavy materials such as cement, drywall and wood off-cuts. Construction waste usually has to be disposed of in special landfills which have been designed and built to accommodate this waste, the contractors are charged a fee to dispose of this waste material, the fee is normally based on the volume of material.

A great deal of construction waste can be recycled but unfortunately, in accordance with data released by the US EPA, only about 20% of what can be recycled is being recycled. In an effort to ramp up the amount of waste that is being recycled, construction companies are beginning to develop waste management programs which set manageable goals for the company. Part of waste management is in finding ways to reduce waste in the first place. In many instances, rubbish removal on Long Island cannot take place unless a waste management plan has been developed and agreed upon before construction can start.

Recycling of construction materials is an ideal way of disposing of such material. Cardboard, wood, paper, etc, can all be recycled as can drywall, excess shingles and steel. Left over concrete, stone and other aggregate can be sent for crushing and it can be used in road construction. Many waste management plans call for separation of material on-site while others are relying on sending their waste to places that accept mingled loads and do separation in the facility.

Recycling waste generated by new home construction and renovation is one thing, recycling materials removed when the building is being demolished is something else again. The building, rather than simply being flattened, is carefully deconstructed and usable items such as doors, window frames, hardwood flooring and fixtures can be salvaged for resale.

Rubbish removal in Long Island usually ends up in a recycling facility which can only be of benefit for the community as well as those involved in the project. There are only so many landfill sites and filling them with material that can easily be recycled is not productive or wise.

If you need rubbish removal on Long Island construction sites, contact 1-866-We-Junk-It for dumpster rental. We can clean a site and remove the rubble to a recycling facility.

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