GE Zoneline PTAC – What to Look for When You Need AC Repair

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

4531650_mWhen it comes to selecting a commercial air conditioner, many consumers opt for a GE Zoneline PTAC unit.  It is a heat pump terminal air conditioner that provides maximum energy efficiency as well as the reliability that customers are accustomed to.  Many people easily recognize these units from their stays in hotels or motels.  But what happens when the GE Zoneline PTAC is in need of repair or replacement parts? Here are a few tips on what to consider prior to calling the repairman.

Check the Cycles
One of the more common repair issues with the unit has much to do with the evaporator fan motor.  Some customers have experienced issues where the fan motor may run intermittently.  If this occurs even when the unit is set in the off position, then it may be worthwhile to consider monitoring the unit’s activity when it completes a full cycle.  Take notes on what occurs between the time it completes a full cycle and when it is in the off position.  Also take time out to consider whether the issue has to do with recharging the condenser.

Consider the Switch
If a minor issue pops up with the unit, you should monitor the issue as mentioned above, but take note of how the unit operates when set on the heater selection as opposed to the AC selection.  It is important to listen closely to how the fan is performing on both settings as well as the fan only setting.  This is an easy way to discern whether you are encountering a switch problem or a cycle problem. When you have tried everything, then it may be time to call the repairman.  Be sure to have your notes handy so you can better explain what you feel the problem may be to the repairman.

Having a GE Zoneline PTAC unit can be a great investment, but it is important to maintain the unit properly. When service is needed, monitor everything and take notes, but if you must call a repairman, consider D.W.G. Inc. Visit their website at for more information.

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